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Here at AesthetiKs, our travel clinic provides a range of travel jab vaccinations and medications for those planning to travel on holiday. The clinic aims to meet the needs of all travellers where possible.


My name is Kunal Dattani and I am an Independent Prescribing Pharmacist with over 11 years’ experience in Community Pharmacy, where I have provided many services including Travel Vaccinations.

Above the Clouds


When you travel abroad, you often need additional travel vaccinations and travel precautions to protect yourself from infectious diseases which pose a threat in other parts of the world.


During your consultation, we will check which vaccines you need and offer general advice in the interest of public health – this will depend on where you’re going on your inclusive holiday, which activities you have planned and your medical history. The vaccination required will vary depending on your location; proof of vaccination will then be issue in the weeks before you travel.

Recommendation on vaccines will only be given if they are needed. If the vaccine is optional, we will explain your options and you can then make an informed decision.

Asian man getting vaccinated

Call us on 01923 447 143 a minimum of 10 days before travel to book an appointment. This is because you may need several vaccinations (and doses) depending on your itinerary and these should be carefully considered.

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